5 Essential Technology Solutions for Businesses

By Mackenzie Oakley | June 28, 2022

If you work in procurement and supply chain, you know there are hundreds of technology solutions geared toward making the purchasing process easier and more efficient. There are software solutions to help you manage the RFx process, systems that allow you to better manage contracts and suppliers, spend management analytics, compliance and risk management platforms, and more.

Figuring out which ones your organization truly needs is a project in and of itself – and this is only for the procurement function.

Essential technology solutions for businesses

When you expand beyond the procurement department, the number of technology solutions available to help every aspect of a business function properly is astronomical and overwhelming.

If it’s your job to source and procure tech providers and services for your organization, here are 5 essential technology solutions for businesses, regardless of company shape or size – and how you can save money on all of them.

Mobility & Telecom

We’ve come a long way since the standard land-line telephone but it’s still essential for businesses to have a way for consumers to reach them – and a way for business owners, leaders, and staff to stay connected to each other.

Telecom equipment and devices such as cables, routers, VoIP and smartphones all need to be procured, along with the internet, data plans, and mobile security to support them. The options and number of service providers can be overwhelming but having the right equipment and plans in place will ensure you’re staying connected to what matters most – your people. 


In the digital age, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Cyber attacks and data breaches happen consistently all over the world and can end up costing businesses millions of dollars.

Sensitive information like customer profiles, credit card numbers and payment details, along with employee data like social security numbers all need to be protected. The need for strong cybersecurity was also exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the uptick of remote working environments. Without the right security systems in place, you’re leaving your organization exposed to risk at every turn.


How many different types of software does your organization currently use? Between word processing programs, office suite or workspace solutions, billing, accounting, payroll, website building, time tracking, team collaboration, sales and marketing, and more, the sheer number of software products available is mind-boggling.

There’s even software to help you find and compare other software!

Sourcing and procuring the right solutions will undoubtedly make your organization run more efficiently but the costs can add up quickly. Before purchasing or subscribing to everything under the sun, take a look at your business plan and your organizations needs, research the cost and value of each solution, and learn how different solutions can work together to promote productivity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

When combing through your software options, consider taking the time to select a CRM system that meets your organization’s needs.

Having a robust customer relationship management system allows businesses to organize their interactions with customers and potential customers, gather data, gain insight into behaviors, and more. Ideally, the right CRM also helps your organization increase sales and ramp up efficiencies.

Cloud Services

Utilizing cloud services means shifting your computing to the internet rather than hosting it on your servers. Moving to the cloud means businesses no longer have to spend money on installing and maintaining servers or relying on an IT team to manage all of your systems.

Cloud technology also helps drive efficiency, speed, scalability and spend visibility and increasing profitability.

Save money on the essential technology solutions you need

When you think about it, we use a form of technology for nearly everything. From our personal lives to the business world, technology is constantly helping us complete tasks, stay connected, find answers, and meet our goals.

It’s not surprising, then, to learn that tech spend is usually one of the highest areas of spend for organizations, as it’s a crucial element for every aspect of business. It is also common for procurement and IT teams to run lean, making it very easy for tech contracts to be left unmanaged.

Una was looking for ways to help procurement and IT teams better manage their tech spend in a way that provides visibility, identifies savings opportunities, and prevents vendors from overcharging for their services. Our newest partnership accomplishes those goals.

Una members now have free access to a collection of technology vendors offering unprecedented savings on all components of your IT stack, along with a data insights platform designed to help you centralize your technology spend.

Our platform allows you to search for and compare all of the essential technology solutions you need to run your business in a single dashboard, reducing the time it takes to source products and vendors and the amount of money you’re spending on these services. Members see an average savings of 30% on mobility, 35% on cloud services, and 20% on cybersecurity. We can also help save money on software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more.

Ready to start saving on tech spend? Reach out to Una to learn more about taking advantage of our technology savings platform – for free.


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