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Read testimonials from current Una members to see how they've leveraged billions in buying power to access cost savings and spend management solutions for their business.

Access to contracts
and more...

“We reached out to Una to assist us in getting access to contracts that we couldn’t get on our own.

And what we found was that they could provide us with even more than we ever anticipated.

Our membership is also enjoying the added cost-saving benefits. With the personal service, they have delivered what truly feels like a partnership.”

Mickey Schulte
Executive Director, Savvik Buying Group
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The best pricing available

“Una is a valued business partner. Because of Una’s purchasing power, we’re able to offer our seventeen non-profit member colleges and universities the best pricing on many goods and services, thus saving valuable procurement time and dollars.”

Mike Backer
President, Missouri Colleges Fund, Inc.

Real savings, right away

“We’ve been using Una’s shipping program since April 2015. Getting started was easy. When we signed up, we had about $140,000 a year in shipping spend, and I know Una has reduced that by at least $25,000. The shipping program was a no-brainer for us.

Donald Mancuso
Corporate Director of Materials Management, HHS

A true partner

“It’s always nice to find like-minded business partners who are continually striving to make a difference in the procurement space.

Una is doing just that.”

Philip Ideson
Managing Director, Art of Procurement

More from our valued members...

“Una has been a great partner and resource for our operations teams. As we have implemented the Una food program, their team has both consolidated our order guide and provided us significant savings opportunities.

The transition has been well coordinated, pricing is completely transparent, and the service has been excellent. We appreciate all your support and look forward to continuing this successful partnership.”

Keith O'Neill
President, Culinary & Nutrition Solutions

“What made Una so different was that someone immediately responded to my inquiry and genuinely wanted to understand my business, our needs, and how they could help us. None of the other GPOs I’ve worked with have ever offered that level of service.

My predecessor said they had negotiated the best price on shredding possible, but by using Una’s agreement with Shred-it, we’re saving 25% for the same services. We even received some additional benefits, and we’re still paying less. I signed up on the spot. My team is also loving the hotel program. We’re getting higher quality rooms for less than what we were paying before. I highly recommend Una.”

Stuart Wolpoff
Partner, ACC Mortgage

“The Una folks have been fantastic to work with! They understand the challenges our members face and share our values as an organization. I continue to hear how much money participating organizations are saving with Una and urge everyone to give them a try. After all, why spend more than you have to in these difficult times?“

Stephen L. Vinson
President & CEO, United Methodist Association

“We’ve been using the shipping program about a year; we love it. Before we went through the post office, but this is much easier. The pickups are great, and we’re saving 30-40% on our shipping spend. We use it for everything, transferring borrowed units, ordering equipment, overnighting paperwork. We really enjoy and appreciate this program.”

Brian Galowitz
Minnesota Ambulance Manager, Lakes Regions EMS

“We’ve been working with Una since April 2014, using Una’s US Foods program. It’s consolidated our order guide and assisted with food selection and savings opportunities. They make ordering easy with their user-friendly online ordering system, and our US Foods Account Manager has met with us in person to go over products and make sure we have the best possible experience. We appreciate all the support US Foods and Una have provided us with, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership.”

Ashley Hansen
Assistant Child Care Director, YMCA of Southwestern Indiana

“We’ve worked with Una for almost two years. During that time they’ve serviced our locations in 8 states, and we have been pleased with the overall products & savings that we have experienced. We’re glad to be a Una member.

Rick Vero
Vice President of Operations, Acorn Services, Inc.

Adding Value Beyond Cost Savings

As a nonprofit serving over 5,000 safety services providers, Savvik Buying Group was stretched thin on a regular basis.

Savvik’s mission was to provide the best contracts to the entire public safety sector. The only problem was not having the resources available to find and negotiate the agreements they needed.

Discover the solutions Una provided to help Savvik expand their membership reach, upgrade their contract portfolio and deliver cost savings.

Ready to become a valued member and save big?

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