New Business Savings Opportunities This Year

By Mackenzie Oakley | January 6, 2021

Budgets are set and procurement teams all over the world are gearing up to manage their spend in a way that is smart, and focus on initiatives that will bring additional value to their organization.

Categories that make up your indirect spend or tail spend are prime locations to explore when it comes to uncovering additional cost savings, yet these areas of spend are often overlooked. At Una, we’re poised to help procurement teams like yours realize savings in these forgotten segments.

Uncovering business savings opportunities

Oftentimes, these categories are left unmanaged due to a lack of resources, the fact that tail spend can be difficult to analyze, or the amount of spend doesn’t meet internal threshold amounts to be actively managed by procurement.

It’s estimated that organizations typically leave 20% of spend unmanaged, which depending on the size of an organization, can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, procurement professionals are operating in an environment that’s heavily focused on cost. In addition, procurement is actively working with more areas of the business that are needing assistance reigning in their spend.

Within that 20% of unmanaged spend lies upwards of 80% of an organization’s suppliers that are left hanging in the winds. This leaves untapped potential for not only savings, but value in the form of reduced risk and supplier innovation.

Partnering with a group purchasing organization like Una is a proven way to realize new business savings opportunities and open the door to additional value.

We’ve packaged up four ways to keep more money in your pockets this year. Let’s dive into our top supplier partners and learn how to apply those contracts in a way that has the  biggest impact on your bottom line for the year to come.

Shipping & Packaging

Shipping is an important yet tedious part of an organization’s day-to-day operations, and your supply chain is only as strong as the carrier you entrust with those shipments. Una’s discount shipping programs provide a way for business-owners to manage logistics confidently and conveniently.

With Una’s contracts, you have  access to our business discount shipping rates that save money on everything from ground, express, exporting, freight, and more from the world’s leading brands – for free. Our members save up to 20% on domestic and international services along with protection against price hikes, and a host of other value-added benefits.

Rapid Packaging is dedicated to offering products and solutions of the highest quality at the lowest price possible, giving our members the best of both worlds. Una partners with Rapid Packaging to deliver a minimum of 10% savings on over 18,000 products, serving businesses of all sizes with ease.

More and more businesses are going to see an increase in shipping costs this year. Use Una’s free calculator tool to see how much you could be saving on small parcel shipping and packging:

Office Supplies

There is no way around it – businesses need office supplies. Una has a savings solution that will not only cut costs but provide you with top-of-the-line supplies for your office supply requirements.

Some of the largest distributors of facilities supplies in North America, have partnered with Una to offer competitive discounts on office supplies and other services such as janitorial supplies, office equipment, and managed services.

Una members save 10-20% on below average public pricing, have the option to choose from over 2 million business product SKUs, experience fast and free delivery, have access to dedicated customer service teams.

Una also partners with Office Depot to offer members savings of up to 80% off list price on all products, dedicated support from Office Depot experts, an optional employee perk program, and additional rebates and incentives.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, business travel all over the world was halted. As economies start to open back up, and with proper precautions in place, business travel has once again started to ramp up.

There’s no need for any business to move their people without a contract with Lyft in place. Una’s Lyft agreement allows businesses streamline employee travel while saving an average of 30-50% over taxis. Our contract has a simple agreement process and online registration, dedicated Lyft Account Team at no cost, discounts on the concierge platform, and $3M in additional, aggregated insurance.

In addition, Una members receive free reporting and a 1% rebate on total spend when you complete 250 rides per quarter and use Lyft’s portal invitation tool and/or Autopay.

Una also partners with Uniglobe Travel Designers, a minority, women owned, award-winning, full service Travel Management Company that has specialized in corporate and leisure travel for over 39 years. Their mission is to be the leading and most dependable travel management company in the world, thereby setting the standard for professionalism and reliability to its customers.

Making the most of new businesss savings opportunities

While we’re confident that you’ll see cost savings with some of our most popular contracts, what you’re able to do with these savings is the most exciting part. From investing in your people or investing in technology, to increasing sustainability efforts and shoring up cashflow, the upfront savings generated from working with a GPO like Una will help provide the means for you to focus on your top business priorities. 

Use our full, free calculator tool to estimate how much you could be saving by joining Una in our top categories.

Have additional questions? Ready to uncover new business savings opportunities this year? Contact our team of Sourcing Advisors for more information. Membership is free and there is no obligation. 


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