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Supplier Partner

Get your products and services in front of millions of potential buyers and grow your business with group purchasing.

We are a Kansas City company that provides turnkey member benefit programs to trade and professional associates and other member-based groups.

Our diverse network of organizations includes: associations, national franchisers, financial institutions, executive networks, and many others.

Through our network we serve multi-millions of members, providing a wide range of exclusive benefits at large economies of scale.

We offer sales, marketing, and business solutions that help organizations engage their members, while also driving revenue for our suppliers.

How We Measure Success

We are focused on bringing value to both our network of members and our GPO supplier partners. We strive to create programs that not only save our members money, but also drive significant revenue to our suppliers.

Our mission is only accomplished when our members truly feel the positive impact of our programs on their operations and bottom line, while our suppliers continue to see revenue being generated from our member purchases.
We empower our members to keep making smart purchasing decisions through educational marketing. We are sales & marketing experts, constantly optimizing the buying experience for our members – ultimately driving increased sales for our suppliers.

Why Partner With Una?

We already have an established network – tens of thousands of businesses and individuals that are ready to buy your products & services. We also have a highly driven sales team that is constantly bringing on new large member groups.

As one of the fastest growing GPOs in our space, our focus has been to create a seamless signup experience for member groups – getting buyers connected to suppliers with the least amount of friction possible.

We either handle the marketing for our large member groups, or provide direction to our member groups to market the programs themselves – strategies that have already generated multi-millions in sales for our existing GPO supplier partners.

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"It’s typically free to become a GPO member, and you can pick and choose which negotiated contracts make the most sense for your business or organization. "


"Almost anything a business could need, GPOs can get for a better price," Clervi says. "Think printers, computers, company cars, desks, stationary, and even cleaning supplies."


"Your GPO partner should provide high-impact solutions in a timely manner, followed by additional resources on an ongoing basis."


"Companies that do so can expect operational costs to be reduced by 15 to 20 percent, thanks to the process improvements and efficiencies that purchasing companies can offer."