Episode 53: Accessing Data Insights for Your Technology Spend with Victor Hou

By Kelly Barner | February 23, 2022

Nearly everything in the modern enterprise is dependent upon technology. And as distributed buyers are empowered to sign up for their own subscriptions and services, the resulting landscape is complicated, much larger than anyone realizes, and rife with risk. 

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Victor Hou. Victor is a Managing Partner at Varisource, a data insight platform focused on technology spend.

He has worked in and around enterprise IT services for years, and these days he is focused on helping procurement teams digitize their technology contracts, inventory, supplier performance, and spend into a single centralized dashboard so they can optimize their spend and supplier relationships.


In this conversation, Victor brings clarity to a category of spend that has been growing fast over the last few years, and shares his perspective on how procurement can take action to create more value:

  • When does a lack of transparency into IT spend and provider relationships create the greatest issues for procurement? 
  • What ‘shadow IT’ means and how it can elevate risk for the company 
  • How procurement can benchmark our current suppliers to ensure competitive deals with the right cost structure and performance incentives


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