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Save more moneytimeeffort with the power of group purchasing

As a group purchasing organization, Una works with procurement leaders like you to optimize your procurement strategy in a way that leads to increased cost savings and better overall spend management.
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Una leverages over $100 billion in collective buying power to secure favorable pricing.

5,000+ Contracts

Get immediate access to over 5,000 supplier and technology contracts.


Una members see an average of 18-22% savings across multiple spend categories.


Una is free to join and contracts are free to use as you see fit - always.

Savings that impact your organization's bottom line

Harnessing the power of a GPO helps businesses gain access to a wide variety of suppliers and unmatched contract terms, including deeply discounted pricing.

In addition to increased cost and time savings, other benefits include an optimized procurement strategy, supply chain management, and more efficient procurement processes.
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Leading the way in the group purchasing organization space

As a GPO, Una is a leader in the group purchasing space. We strive to empower organizations through increased buying power, comprehensive savings solutions, and superior service.

Partnering with Una means you gain immediate access to a team of indirect spend management experts offering procurement and supply chain knowledge, category advisory, insight into spend data and cost comparisons, supplier relationship management, and more.
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Leverage a GPO to increase your own buying power, secure lower prices, lock in better contract terms, and increase your speed to savings.
Established contracts with the nation's best suppliers means we have a broad range of purchasing solutions to offer that can be tailored to meet your needs.
Our team takes a consultative approach to learning about your needs and identifying which spend categories to tackle first before moving on to long-term goals.

Empowering procurement and supply chain leaders every day

Our goal is to empower sourcing professionals like you to sift through the noise and make the best purchasing decisions for your organization.

We do this by offering:

  • Increased buying power
  • Comprehensive savings solutions
  • Superior service for members
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The procurement solution you never knew you needed

A group purchasing organization leverages the collective buying power of its members to secure deeply discounted pricing from the nation's leading suppliers and vendors.

Together, we'll work to drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to source the goods and services you need, realize cost savings and drive value.
Guide to Group Purchasing
Save money with Group Purchasing
Save more money
Una members save an average of 18-22% in a variety of indirect spend categories.
Save time with Group Purchasing
Save more time
Stop spending hours finding and vetting suppliers and negotiating contracts.
Save effort with Group Purchasing
Save more effort
Access additional resources, indirect spend category expertise, and more.
Save with Group Purchasing
Save more everything
Save relationships, your energy, and your sanity. The possibilities are endless.
Group Purchasing Resource Professional at Desk

Resources for procurement and supply chain experts​

Una's library of free procurement resources, Unaversity, is dedicated to empowering procurement to take on today’s biggest sourcing challenges.

Browse articles to help you make the best sourcing decisions for your team, download guides that dive deeper into issues directly impacting procurement, and access playbooks designed to give you an inside look at Una's process and GPO membership benefits.
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Group purchasing solutions for your business​

The group purchasing method of sourcing combines the purchasing power of GPO members to secure discounted pricing for businesses on essential goods and services.

Find out how Una harnesses billions in buying power to unlock savings for organizations like yours.

Watch the 1 minute video​

Group Purchasing explainer video

The Sourcing Hero​

The Sourcing Hero is a podcast hosted by Kelly Barner and produced by Una and Art of Procurement, the world's largest procurement podcast network.

Listen to epic stories of people who are rising up and beating the odds to create exceptional value within procurement and supply chain, as told directly from some of the industry's top procurement leaders and supply chain experts.
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Cost savings calculator​

Leverage billions in buying power to access cost savings and spend management solutions that improve your bottom line.

Una's free cost savings calculator tool highlights the power and value a group purchasing organization brings to the table.
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Una's Group Purchasing Cost Savings Calculator

A true partner​

“It’s always nice to find like-minded business partners who are continually striving to make a difference in the procurement space.

Una is doing just that.”
Philip Ideson
Managing Director, Art of Procurement
Group Purchasing Team at Una

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