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UNA leverages billions in group buying power to help organizations get the resources they need and the pricing they deserve. We negotiate, so you don’t have to, that’s why we’re the nation’s fastest-growing group purchasing organization (GPO).

If your business is looking for greater procurement efficiencies, UNA can help save you time and decrease spend by providing pre-negotiated, competitive supplier contracts. We save businesses an average of 22% on their indirect spend. Learn more.

If you manage an association, UNA helps you grow and engage your membership with our free affinity programs, non-dues revenue options, and marketing insights. Learn more.

At UNA, our mission is to create value for our customers by providing access to critical resources they wouldn’t be able to obtain on their own. In our local communities, we strive to create positive change by empowering disadvantaged youth in the same way.

UNA Means Together

UNA is Latin for “together.” Because when we work with your organization, our goal is to be a true partner, our job is to help you achieve your goals and increase your revenue.

UNA is the most trusted and advanced group purchasing organization. Whether it’s helping you market your new affinity program or reviewing your spend categories for savings opportunities, we’re here to help. We’re in this together.

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UNA About Our Story
Our Story

UNA began as a one-person operation in a small apartment in Kansas City Missouri.  It was 2012, and Anthony Clervi was trying to solve a problem. He realized that too often, small to medium-sized organizations could not get the resources they needed to grow. Businesses spent too much time fighting for savings and discounted contracts. Associations continually required new benefits to attract and retain members. The trouble was, accessing great agreements and programs required a lot of purchasing power, the kind of leverage only Fortune 500 companies had.

Anthony decided to found UNA, a group purchasing organization (GPO) to fill the gap and help organizations increase their bottom line. He wanted to create a GPO that would help customers solve their most pressing problems, and that would bring group purchasing into the 21st century. 

Today, UNA has over $100 billion in buying power, 197% average year-over-year company growth, and a 97% customer retention rate.

Meet Some of Our Key Team Members
Anthony Clervi

President + CEO
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Daniel Kemp

Director of Sales
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UNA GPO Group Purchasing LinkedIn

Brian Gerbetz
Brian Gerbetz

VP of Marketing
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UNA GPO Group Purchasing LinkedIn

Brett Power

Biz Development
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Crystal Villareal

Customer Experience
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Anna Duin

Digital Brand Strategist
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Ellen Fales

Senior Content Developer
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Cindy Rittel

Account Executive
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Our Purpose Statement

Exceed customers’ expectations by helping organizations save money on products & services they use every day from suppliers they trust.

Our Core Values



We believe in achieving excellence with passion backed by action.


We believe in speaking the truth with grace and humility.


We practice what we preach and we do what we say we will do.


We believe in both professional and personal development.


We believe that change is necessary and we fully embrace it.

We are passionate people embracing business and life
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