Episode 33: Direct Materials Sourcing from Emerging Markets with Janette Lais

By Kelly Barner | September 29, 2021

Direct materials are those that will eventually end up in the hands of a company’s customers, making the choice of supplier in these categories that much more critical. When those suppliers are based in emerging markets, the process of finding and qualifying them requires specialized expertise and third-party support to ensure that quality standards are maintained and products meet technical requirements.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner is joined by Janette Lais, the Director of Sourcing at Rapid Packaging. She has over 25 years of purchasing, inventory management, operations, and logistics experience.

Of particular interest is her knowledge about sourcing internationally, including purchasing products from emerging markets in China, Turkey, and India.


In this conversation, Janette shares her perspective on:

  • How sourcing processes and supplier communication practices are affected when suppliers are based in emerging markets
  • How she approaches sourcing projects knowing that the product or material she buys will ultimately end up in the hands of Rapid Packaging’s customers
  • Advice for companies and procurement/sourcing professionals that are considering sourcing from emerging markets for the first time


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