Scaling Supply Chains for Profitable Growth with Marcia Williams

By Kelly Barner | June 7, 2023

Growth – especially fast growth – is such an exciting time for a company. Unfortunately, all of the good opportunities growth presents have a way of leaving a mess in their wake. It often falls to procurement and supply chain professionals to clean up the mess, using metrics and frameworks to establish order so that operational scale and profitability can follow.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Marcia Williams. Marcia is a Forbes Contributor, Founder and Managing Partner of USM Supply Chain Consulting, and the author of multiple books, the most recent of which is Scaling Supply Chains with Maria: Financial and Operational Frameworks and Analytics for Massive, Profitable Growth.


In this interview, Marcia talks about the important role procurement and supply chain teams play in fostering continued growth:

  • What ‘goal trees’ are and what they offer supply chain teams
  • The role that six sigma can play in supply chain management
  • The financial understanding procurement and supply chain teams need to be successful – whether that means specific financial metrics or their relationship with finance


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