Tough Times Don’t Last But Tough People Do with Kris Lance

By Kelly Barner | April 26, 2023

The costs of poor physical and mental health are all around us. Despite having the highest per capita spending on health care in the industrialized world AND the highest health care spending as a percentage of GDP, the United States has the lowest life expectancy at birth. The US also has the highest maternal and infant mortality, and the highest death rate from COVID-19. According to Gallup, “Nearly one-fifth of U.S. workers (19%) rate their mental health as fair or poor.”

This is a crisis that affects us all.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes back Kris Lance, Senior Director at Una, for a recurring monthly conversation about current news stories. Kris has experience in multiple industries and has his finger on the pulse of the trends and topics that procurement, sourcing, and supply chain professionals need to be aware of.


In this conversation, Kris and Kelly share their thoughts about the importance of physical and mental wellbeing:

  • How our physical health can cross over and impact our mental and emotional wellbeing – and vice versa
  • The role that stress management plays in each person’s ability to be successful at work
  • Common sense practices that may improve physical and/or mental health (listeners won’t believe Kris’ second piece of advice!)


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