Episode 73: Bridging Business Gaps Through Reflective Procurement with Thomas Siersbæk Heller-Njor

By Kelly Barner | July 13, 2022

Procurement can talk about systems and processes all it likes, but without making a real and lasting investment in people, sustained success will remain elusive. In many cases, this means learning to understand the motivations of people quite unlike themselves, walking a mile in their shoes before trying to drive specific types of engagement. 

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Thomas Siersbæk Heller-Njor. Thomas is the Founder and CEO of CostBits, but he has held multiple roles within procurement.

He helped lead digital transformation at Maersk, and worked as Head of Operations Consulting at PwC. Now he is applying all of his digital and human experiences to change people’s behavior with regard to procurement.


In this conversation, Thomas speaks about the different human gaps, challenges, and opportunities procurement must be prepared to address to achieve long term success:

  • Why every transformation effort must start with an acknowledgement that people come before systems and processes   
  • Why procurement needs to understand the different personas they support in the company (and outside of it), and why the best approach might be to allow for discussion between personas
  • The conditions, traits, and skill sets that are required for long term procurement success


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