Infographic | How Do Group Purchasing Organizations Work?

By Mackenzie Oakley | April 12, 2022

Thinking about partnering with a group purchasing organization but unsure if it’s the right decision for your business? Maybe you’re familiar with GPOs but still aren’t quite sold on using the concept of group purchasing to enhance your existing procurement strategies.

Either way, this easy quiz will guide you through a series of questions to determine if working with a GPO could benefit your own organization, while highlighting some of the tasks and procurement activities that could be outsourced to a GPO.

Take a look and let us know where you land!

How do group purchasing organizations work - and is it right for my business?

Did you like your results? It’s a highly scientific process, right?!

In all seriousness, we hoped it showcased the fact that any type of business, regardless of size, can benefit from partnering with a group purchasing organization to help simplify procurement and increase profitability.

The benefits of a GPO can extend to small and medium sized businesses that need help with their indirect spend management strategies, or are running low on resources like time and staff to handle certain procurement tasks.

Large companies might need help with tail spend management or have one particular category that is lacking proper spend visibility. A group purchasing organization can help with all of these pain points and more.

GPOs like Una strive to become an extension of your procurement team, complimenting your existing spend management strategies while improving procurement efficiency and increasing cost savings.

Una membership is completely free of charge. Join today and start saving more money, more time, and more effort. Contact us to learn more.


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