Episode 45: Learning How to Negotiate with Confidence featuring Soheila Lunney

By Kelly Barner | December 22, 2021

Although negotiating isn’t everyone’s favorite part of working in procurement, it is – and likely always will be – a critical part of the job. Despite that fact, there are enough different ways to negotiate that each individual person can find an approach, strategies, and tactics that allow them to achieve their objectives while staying true to themselves.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Soheila Lunney. Soheila has over 25 years of procurement experience involving both domestic and international activities.

She has extensive experience in consulting, coaching and training, reengineering the supply management process, sourcing materials and services, reducing total cost of ownership, and negotiating complex contracts. In 2012, she and Charles Dominick published The Procurement Game Plan – and now they are working on an expanded second edition at the request of the publisher.


In this conversation, Soheila shares her passion for coaching others and helping them succeed as negotiators and fulfilled human beings:

  • The hardest thing for most people to learn when they are trying to become better negotiators
  • Whether there are actual differences between men and women in negotiation – and whether they align with the stereotypes
  • How to steady yourself before going into a negotiation – whether it is high stakes or not


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