Speaking the Language of Non-Verbal Communication with Laura Scarfe

By Kelly Barner | November 1, 2023

As human beings, being able to read and use non-verbal cues can determine the outcome of a situation, keeping us safe or strengthening the bonds we build with those around us. For procurement professionals in particular, being aware of non-verbal communication is absolutely essential, especially in situations of high intensity or where first impressions make the difference in measurable outcomes.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Laura Scarfe. Laura is the Director of Business Academy Online, specializing in CIPS procurement training, negotiation, influencing, and emotional intelligence. Laura helps busy procurement professionals achieve their qualifications to help with their employability, while also helping them understand and manage their emotions and relationships to improve their confidence.


In this interview, Laura draws from a wealth of research and experience to shed some light on the complex world of non-verbal cues:

  • Why it is best to stay away from behavioral generalizations, instead focusing on observations that are rooted in science
  • Typical gender-based advantages and differences based on gender
  • The role that clothing, especially dress level and color, play in how each of us is perceived before we ever speak a word


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