Episode 44: Heroes Are Everywhere and They All Have a Story to Tell

By Kelly Barner | December 15, 2021

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and we need them everywhere – even at work. You may have been a hero to someone today and not even know it. Everyone of them has a story to tell and they are all worth hearing.

That is the mission of The Sourcing Hero podcast, capturing and sharing epic stories of people beating the odds and rising up to make a difference through procurement. 

In this special year-end episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, host Kelly Barner looks back on the second season so far and shares some of her favorite advice, stories, and definitions of heroism. Whether you’ve listened each week, or are just discovering the podcast now, you’ll be amazed at these real life examples of corporate humanity – and impressed by the people who share them.


Some of the things you’ll hear in this episode include:

  • The combined takeaways from two very different conversations about building influence, including how and when you should foster it and what might get in your way
  • A mantra for being an effective professional and a good leader at the same time
  • Two standout answers to the question about heroism, one truly humbling and one a funny, positive surprise!

Bonus: Be sure to listen for some behind the scenes secrets from The Sourcing Hero interviewing and production process!


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