Making Procurement Research Actionable with Denis Wolowiecki

By Kelly Barner | August 2, 2023

According to CAPS Research, two thirds of Chief Procurement Officers and Chief Supply Chain Officers – the top spend management executive in a company – sit two levels below the CEO. This limits procurement’s potential impact, but it also prevents companies from realizing a key source of competitive advantage.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Denis Wolowiecki. Denis is the Executive Managing Director at CAPS Research. CAPS stands for Center for Advanced Procurement Strategy and is a B2B nonprofit research center affiliated with both Arizona State University and ISM – the Institute for Supply Management.


In this interview, Denis talks about the role that research and collaboration play in the continued evolution of procurement:

  • What most procurement executives and teams need from today’s research programs
  • Why a mastery of procurement fundamentals could not be more critical to success
  • The greatest challenges procurement organizations face when they attempt to shake off legacy ways of doing things
  • Gaps that exist between the public-facing PR efforts around ESG programs and the inward facing execution effort.


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