Episode 82: Winning at the Game of Risk with Rohit Hajela

By Kelly Barner | September 14, 2022

The speed of change is so fast these days that we are living in the future already. As a result, risks from cybersecurity and ransomware are increasing – as are the costs and business implications associated with them.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Rohit Hajela. Rohit started his career working in product development, and over time that evolved into vendor management roles in procurement.

Today he continues that work and he has also co-founded a business called Vendor Management Office that helps track third party technology vendors.


In this conversation, Rohit shares his vendor management experience as it applies to:

  • The risks companies open themselves up to if they don’t actively manage their IT vendors
  • How procurement can bring IT contracts under management using a two-step process
  • Ways for procurement to make better use of the IT security or data security questionnaires that are so often included in RFPs


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