Helping Women in Supply Chain Set Audacious Goals with Nicole Glenn

By Kelly Barner | July 5, 2023

Despite the broad, supportive corporate messaging around diversity and inclusion, the real work takes place on an individual level – one person at a time. As every person becomes comfortable enough to find their voice and use it, our workplaces and professional communities will continue to grow in diversity, with representation among people from every walk of life.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Nicole Glenn. Nicole is the Founder and CEO of Candor Expedite and a passionate supporter of women working in supply chain and logistics. She is part of the Ladies Leadership Coalition, a podcast for women in business by women business owners.


In this interview, Nicole talks about the ‘why’ at the heart of the Ladies Leadership Coalition and how she walks the walk in her own company:

  • The messages that women need to hear as they pursue their professional ambitions, whether as business owners or corporate leaders
  • The changes she has seen in workplace inclusiveness over the last few years and the work that remains to be done
  • Why everyone needs to learn to be more audacious, opening their minds to what they want in addition to what they offer others


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