Learning to Work Side-by-Side with ChatGPT with Joshua Palacios

By Kelly Barner | May 3, 2023

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Joshua Palacios. Josh is a Senior Sourcing Manager at Ro and according to his LinkedIn profile he “refuses to be overlooked due to his work ethic and achievements.”

Josh connected with The Sourcing Hero team in a very unique way… he is a regular listener and had the creative idea to ask ChatGPT what a Sourcing Hero is.

Here is what it said:

“A sourcing hero is like a Jedi master of strategic sourcing, skilled in the art of identifying cost-saving opportunities, negotiating contracts, and managing supplier relationships. They possess the ability to manage complex sourcing projects while aligning strategies with business goals. With exceptional communication and negotiation skills, a sourcing hero can triumphantly navigate the ever-changing sourcing landscape, bravely facing challenges with their team to conquer the unknown. In short, a sourcing hero is a strategic superstar that saves the day, every day.”


In this interview, Josh talks about the different ways procurement professionals can put generative AI – like ChatGPT – to work for them:

  • How procurement teams can apply technologies like ChatGPT
  • Whether ChatGPT can function as a sounding board to develop category strategies
  • His advice about procurement skills investments given the growing capabilities of tech


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