Marking a Major Milestone with the Masters of the Unaverse: Anthony Clervi and Kris Lance

By Kelly Barner | February 1, 2023

The average podcast only produces 6 episodes before ‘podfading’… and only 10% of podcasts make it to episode 100. To celebrate this special milestone, host Kelly Barner is joined by two ‘Masters of the Unaverse.’

Anthony Clervi is the Chief People Officer at Una. He’s an investor and a natural connector… something you already know if you are connected with him on LinkedIn. Kris Lance is a Senior Director at Una. He is dedicated to improving the client experience by listening first and then pairing strategy and tactics to achieve new levels of performance. 


In this conversation, Anthony, Kris, and Kelly talk about what it means to release episode 100 of The Sourcing Hero podcast and then walk a mile in procurement’s shoes:

  • What is 2023 likely to be like on a macro level and for all of the procurement professionals and teams facing those conditions?
  • How procurement can embrace a positive mindset in the face of constant challenges
  • The importance of connections, REAL connections, and how we might know when we’ve made a meaningful one


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