Learn how YPurchasing, a group purchasing organization serving YMCAs, is saving members 10-15% on food costs through Una’s food cost reduction program. 

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YPurchasing is a group purchasing organization dedicated to providing savings programs to YMCAs across the United States. The organization works with suppliers and vendors to secure the best possible pricing, quality products, and services to directly impact each YMCA’s mission.

YPurchasing currently serves over 240 active YMCA members, leveraging their collective spend volume, knowledge, and expertise to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With over 80 contracts and vendors in place, YPurchasing was looking to add additional cost savings  opportunities in the food category and partnered with Una (and our former sister company, Culinary Consultants Purchasing Alliance) to make it happen.

Read on to learn more about their success with Una’s food cost reduction programs.


YPurchasing is a group purchasing organization dedicated to serving YMCA locations nationwide.

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Supporting a greater mission

The YMCA has been established for over 178 years, working to build and strengthen communities around the country. Built on a foundation of diversity and inclusion, the Y is committed to helping everyone reach their full potential with dignity and grace.

Over the years, the Y has grown to serve over 64 million people worldwide and operates in 10,000 communities across the United States. 77% of the US population lives within 10 miles of a YMCA meaning the organization’s reach and impact is felt far and wide. 

YPurchasing was created to do one thing: ensure every YMCA receives best-in-class pricing, quality products, and unmatched services so they can continue serving their communities efficiently and effectively.

One pivotal service offered through the Y are their food programs that operate year-round to address child hunger. Each year, YMCAs across the nation distribute over 38 million pounds of food to over a million people. These programs ensure that children, families, and senior citizens have access to  the meals and snacks needed to nourish their bodies.

Knowing the importance of these food programs, YPurchasing was determined to carve out additional savings and value for YMCAs in this category. By partnering with Una, YPurchasing was able to add diversified and affordable food contracts to their portfolio.


Before YPurchasing, procurement throughout the various YMCA locations was inconsistent. Each Y was responsible for sourcing and purchasing their own fitness equipment, selecting which maintenance providers to use, and deciding where to buy things like mats, linens and uniforms.

Not only where the Ys left to source everything themselves, they were also subject to higher prices due to lack of buying power and the resources it takes to truly negotiate contracts and pricing.

YPurchasing was formed and had great success leveraging the purchasing power of YMCAs around the country to establish a healthy portfolio of contracts. The Ys now had access to a vendor network and contracts to help them save more money, time, and effort.

When it came to food costs, however, YPurchasing knew they needed an extra boost to help bring the most value and savings to their members. The cost of food has fluctuated dramatically over the years, and keeping quality products in stock at reasonable prices was crucial. Ongoing supply chain disruptions were also concerning. Forming a partnership with Una helped YPurchasing combat these challenges.

Why partner with Una?

YPurchasing is a group purchasing organization so the leadership team already understood the concept and power of a GPO. Combining their already impressive buying power with Una’s catapulted YPurchasing into another realm of cost savings when it came to food and food distribution. This translated into additional savings opportunities for their YMCA members.

Like YPurchasing, Una works to negotiate discounted pricing directly with leading suppliers that operate within the food distribution industry. With diverse and comprehensive contracts already in place, YPurchasing members were able to immediately start saving on food costs regardless of their volume size or location.

What’s more, YPurchasing members could access Una’s contracts free-of-charge with zero long-term commitments, and with no product limitations.

The trusted partnership between Una and YPurchasing meant that YMCAs around the country would see an additional 10-15% savings on food costs, and allowed YPurchasing to focus on growing and providing value to their members.

"[Una] has made it as easy as possible to find savings [for our members] and start realizing those savings [right away]. Their customer service is great! They are professional, quick to respond and communicate well. "

Food Market Basket

To help YPurchasing members visualize the savings that were possible with Una, our team ran market baskets to compare food costs.

Market baskets can be completed as part of the discovery process prior to joining Una. We have the ability to cross reference multiple national distributors and pre-negotiated contracts to find the best solutions for your organization.

In addition to cost analyses, Una members have access to quarterly pinpoint reports to identify other savings opportunities, price protections, and resources to help circumvent supply chain disruptions and product shortages.

Una Sample Cost Analysis - Food Market Basket

Una's process

Una’s mission is work alongside our members to increase their organization’s profitability. We’re dedicated to this mission whether we’re working with a partner like YPurchasing or with individual businesses looking to join and save more money, time, and effort. We accomplish this by following the same process for each category, including food.

Check out our process below:

Discovery Call
The first step to savings is a discovery call with a Sourcing Advisor. This where you can ask questions, define what success looks like, and set a timeline for the connection process.

Cost Analysis
We refer to this step as Una’s time to shine and where we can show real value. Your real spend data is sent directly to our supplier base to compare costs and identify savings.

Supplier Connection
Next, we work quickly to get you connected so you can start saving as a GPO member right away.

member journey

We pride ourselves on our “speed to savings” mentality, and build relationships based on trust and transparency. The process is seamless, and better yet, repeatable for nearly every category of spend.

YPurchasing has been aligned with Una for several years now. They continue to see value in the relationship thanks in part to Una’s commitment to providing comprehensive savings solutions and superior service. 

With Una working in the background to ensure our food vendors are meeting their needs, YPurchasing can remain focused on what’s most important: supporting the vision of the YMCAs they serve.

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