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Food Cost Reduction Program

Reduce your food costs by up to 20% by participating in one of Una's food cost reduction programs.
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Reduce Your Annual Food Spend by 15-20%

Una works to negotiate discounted pricing directly with leading suppliers that operate within the food distribution industry.

With diverse and comprehensive contracts in place, we can ensure the organizations we work with save money on food costs regardless of their size or location.

There are no fees to participate, zero long-term commitments, and no product is off-limits. If you see something in a distributor’s catalog, you’ll see immediate savings on your invoice.

It’s that simple.

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About the Suppliers

Food & Food Distribution Suppliers

US Foods is one of the largest national broad-line distributors in the U.S. serving independent and multi-unit foodservice operations. Their product lineup encompasses more than 350,000 items, including their exclusive brands and premium lines of specialty ingredients sourced from around the world.

Sysco delivers an international network of support spanning 90 countries. They are a global leader in selling and distributing both food and non-food products to various segments of the food industry.

As part of our contract portfolio, Entegra brings additional access to over 1,500 national, regional, and local suppliers, ensuring Una members can find the savings and comprehensive solutions they’re seeking.

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Contract Information

Drastically Reduced Annual Food Costs & Increased Contract Value

Una helps your business get the best prices on culinary supplies with suppliers like US Foods, Sysco, Entegra, and more. Reduce your food costs and gain access to specialty ingredients sourced from all over the world with our food cost reduction program.

Average savings of 15-20% off your current pricing for new and existing customers.

  • Over $1 billion in leveraged spend to secure average savings of 15-20%
  • New member rebate incentives
  • 300+ deeply-negotiated supplier agreements
  • 30,000 line items under contract
  • Deep off-invoice discounts and price protection
  • Online platform to maximize program value, control costs, improve culinary experience and increase revenue
  • The most competitive cost of goods to your organization
  • Powerful reporting that supports tracking and additional savings potential
  • Competitive distribution mark-up schedule

PDFs, GPO case studies, and more

Download free resources about this contract and visit our Resource Center for more information about group purchasing.

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