The Importance of Standardizing Carbon Reporting with Saleh ElHattab

By Kelly Barner | January 4, 2023

Most corporate sustainability programs are rooted in passion and a desire to continue doing well while preserving and investing in the environment. That passion is important, but it needs to be supported by quantitative standards. Not only does this make progress possible, but it also holds everyone accountable for the commitments they have made.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Saleh ElHattab, CEO of Gravity Climate. He and his team help industrial businesses and their supply chain partners manage their carbon footprint by measuring their emissions, decarbonizing their operations, and promoting their sustainability efforts.


In this conversation, Saleh talks about the data and strategy that have to underpin any investment in sustainability:

  • The difference that regulation and oversight have already made in carbon reporting 
  • How companies can baseline and benchmark to know if they are doing well
  • Why CEOs are excited about carbon management and how procurement and supply chain operationalize that executive level vision


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