Episode 77: Manufacturing Macrotrends and the Metaverse with Minesh Pore

By Kelly Barner | August 10, 2022

Although each procurement professional and team does the best they can under the circumstances they are handed, all industries and companies are subject to global mega-trends… and they never stop evolving.

From where low cost labor is located to how the “fast fashion” industry is managed, the rate of change is accelerating – and having implications worldwide.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Minesh Pore. Minesh has over two decades worth of experience leading multinational organizations in Intraprenuership, corporate transformation, business development, and strategic planning.

Today, he is getting the opportunity to put all of that to work as the Founder and CEO of BuyHive.


In this conversation, Minesh talks about the macrotrends he is watching and how he thinks they will affect how all of us work in the future:

  • How the rise of third party platforms and service providers may change procurement’s opportunity to create value
  • The impact that continued remote working and freelancing may have on procurement talent and staffing
  • The advantages associated with all corporate functions breaking out of their comfortable silos and having the opportunity to learn from colleagues


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