Episode 20: Transformational Change with Mrs. Fix-It

By Katherine McCleery | April 19, 2021

Amanda Prochaska spent years in corporate America leading large-scale transformations. She was doing her thing with MNA integration, technology deployments, and process improvements. She was trying to build and transform procurement into something better. She learned that she loves working with people and helping them expand their horizons. She loves helping businesses with change management and transformation.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero, Amanda, also known as Mrs. Fix-It, talks about the world of change management, the future of procurement and supply chain, and her mission and vision with Global Women Procurement Professionals (GWPP).

Listening Guide

[1:15] Who is Amanda Prochaska?

[4:35] The topic of change management

[8:45] What “sourcing hero” means to Amanda

[11:13] Where Amanda is seeing sourcing heroes

[13:42] What new leaders need to embrace

[15:45] Amanda’s mission and vision with GWPP

[22:51] More about Wonder Services

[24:02] Upcoming events for April/May


Change management is taking off like wildfire

Two years ago, Amanda went out on her own and started a company focused on supplier performance and diversity. Then through the relationships she had built, she was approached to start a global women in procurement organization—GWPP. They just passed the first anniversary of the organization being started. The latest addition to her lineup is Wonder Services, focused on change management and brand development.  

Amanda’s business has taken off like wildfire. There’s such an opportunity to focus on the people going through the change. People have emotional reactions to change. So her role is to shift the focus to help them realize what their reaction is going to be—and how they prepare for it. She notes that this is so often overlooked. 

Wonder Services is focused on change management. If you are facing a change—whether it’s technology, culture, mergers—they focus on helping organizations strategically think through that change to better the overall culture. 

The future of procurement

A lot of the work Amanda does focuses on the future of procurement. She believes there’s going to be a continual transition into embracing soft skills. It’s all about building relationships, earning trust, communicating effectively, and learning how to tell stories. You have to inspire people to listen to you and understand the data and where you’re trying to go. 

Sourcing heroes are the people who can stand out in an organization, differentiate themselves, and earn that trusted relationship with stakeholders and suppliers. Sourcing heroes help their company(s) differentiate themselves. 

She believes the future will focus on how to come up with innovative solutions that nobody else has in the market. How can you bring in a new technology that no one else has? Where can you play a role to help your company and your community? How do you use relationships to add jobs to the local market? How do you bring about equal opportunities?

Amanda emphasizes that you shouldn’t put procurement in a box. Procurement and supply chain can make a difference in business success. You can provide value beyond just getting the best price. You can add innovative solutions that differentiate your business in the marketplace. You can procure supplies that nobody else might have.

Amanda’s mission and vision with GWPP

The GWPP mascot is a hummingbird. Why? Amanda notes that a hummingbird is significant because it’s diverse—with over 365 varieties. They’re also powerful and can fly 300 miles at a time. They’re beautiful and unexpected—tiny but powerful. Even more fitting, a group of hummingbirds is called a shimmer

So every March, GWPP makes a big deal out of Women’s history month—and they ask every woman in procurement to get their “shimmer on.”  It’s an opportunity to reflect on where you’ve been, what value you’ve added, and what you can add in the future. But it also celebrates the women in procurement today and is a reminder to uplift each other. It’s a great way to pause, reflect, build, and unite.

A part of GWPP’s mission is to attract women into the procurement space. Whether it’s straight out of university or these women are in the atmosphere already, they want to build diversity and inclusiveness throughout processes.

Another goal is to build a sense of community and uplift women in procurement. Women are just wanting true interaction and the opportunity to build relationships. So GWPP is doing LinkedIn Live twice a week and hosting Clubhouse chats every Saturday. If they can make an impact in one person’s life, that’s what matters.


Host: Katherine McCleery, Head of Marketing

Special Guest: Amanda Prochaska | LinkedIn | GWPP | Wonder Services | @AProchaska on Clubhouse 

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