Calling All Solution Enthusiasts! with A'Keela Johnson

By Kelly Barner | January 3, 2024

Procurement is used to dealing with a whole series of stereotypes associated with the profession: bean counters… pencil sharpeners… and penny pinchers, just to name a few. Those nicknames stand in sharp contrast to the value procurement delivers on a daily basis – value that extends far beyond savings to improve the competitive position of the whole company.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes A’Keela Johnson. A’Keela is the Director of IT and G&A Procurement at Molson Coors, but more importantly, she is focused on strategic operations management. A’Keela is on a mission to evangelize the benefits of working in procurement to people that are already here as well as aspiring sourcing professionals.


In this conversation, A’Keela combines her personal experience with humorous stereotypes about procurement to illustrate why procurement is a great field to work in:

  • Why it is just as important to ‘preach to the choir’ about the joys of working in procurement as it is to try and win over new recruits
  • The most effective hooks for winning professionals in other disciplines over to opportunities in procurement
  • Why she believes delivering bad news well is a skill critical to her success


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