Episode 47: Be Like Estonia - Embracing the Advantage of Size with James Meads

By Kelly Barner | January 12, 2022

All companies – and business leaders for that matter – have a tendency to look up for guidance and ideas. And while successful results often carry us on an upward trajectory, looking to emulate the patterns that make large enterprises like the Fortune 500 successful may actually deny mid-market companies their greatest short-term advantage: raw, lean agility.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, host Kelly Barner welcomes James Meads. James is a career procurement professional turned consultant, who recognizes some of the disparities between procurement technology for enterprise-level companies, and the digital transformation opportunities and partners that exist for mid-market companies.


In this conversation, James talks about the impact that relative size has on what organizations can achieve and how it should influence who they partner with:

  • Why does most procurement technology seem to be marketed at (and designed for) large enterprises?
  • How should procurement team size, regardless of corporate revenue or spend, impact decisions about procurement technology?
  • Ways that mid-market companies on both the provider and practitioner sides of the fence can leverage the advantages of where they are NOW in their maturity journeys.


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