Savings Start at Home with Omid Ghamami

By Kelly Barner | July 10, 2024

When procurement needs to deliver savings, the reflexive response is usually to go to market, approaching suppliers for discounts or putting a contract out to bid. While this approach works, the results often pale in comparison to what procurement can deliver by having internal conversations about specifications, requirements, and projected demand.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Omid Ghamami. Omid is the CEO of the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Institute – PSCM Institute for short.  He is the innovator of the CPSCM™ certification program and works with Fortune 500 companies to elevate their procurement and negotiation capabilities.


In this interview, Omid shares his point of view on leveraging procurement influence with both stakeholders and suppliers:

  • The relationship procurement needs to forge with internal colleagues to maximize savings
  • Ways procurement can support better outcomes from suppliers – before even reaching the negotiating table
  • The danger of a misplaced focus on SRM, and how it can negatively impact procurement


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