Adventures in Public Sector Procurement with Dwight Gibbs

By Kelly Barner | June 5, 2024

The public and private sectors both have a great need for top procurement talent. And while their stakeholders, objectives, and processes differ in some ways, they are also subject to the same economic forces and market trends. Sometimes the dynamics in one of their sectors even has an impact on the other.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Dwight Gibbs. Dwight is the CEO of Contraqer, a procurement solution uniquely suited to the challenges and complexities faced in public procurement.


In this interview, Dwight talks about the differences and similarities between private and public sector procurement:

  • The intentions behind the regulations that drive so much complexity
  • The division of responsibility for developing specifications v. sourcing v. making award decisions
  • How the transition from buying ‘things’ to buying ‘services’ (including IT) has changed public procurement’s focus


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