Cutting Edge Strategies in Tier 1 Retail with Eric Linxwiler

By Kelly Barner | May 22, 2024

Every single day, successful retailers overcome challenges that few other industries will ever have to face. Complex supply chains, uncertain demand, and – increasingly – regulations that not only force them to consider the big picture but also vary by geography.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Eric Linxwiler. Eric is the Senior Vice President of Retail Solutions at TradeBeyond, a platform that helps retailers, brands, and trading partners collaborate quickly and easily.


In this interview, Eric shares some of the external pressures and internal priorities that are dominating the conversation in retail executive suites:

  • The role of AI across the operation
  • How increasing regulation is changing the way tier 1 retailers make decisions
  • The confidence horizon that retail decision makers are working towards


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