All Eyes Should Remain on the Red Sea with Kris Lance

By Kelly Barner | March 27, 2024

Human nature has a way of becoming numb to that which we absorb as part of the status quo. Sadly, this doesn’t just pertain to the weather; it also applies to human suffering and warfare, especially if it is far away. Today this applies in the form of the Red Sea attacks that continue,  and which have escalated, turning global supply chains into a literal battlefield.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes back Kris Lance, VP and General Manager at Una, for a recurring monthly conversation about current news stories. Kris has experience in multiple industries and has his finger on the pulse of the trends and topics that procurement, sourcing, and supply chain professionals need to be aware of.


In this month’s discussion, Kris and Kelly talk about how continued instability in the Red Sea will affect us, and our supply chains, close to home:

  • Why challenges in the Suez and Panama canals serve as proof that all people and businesses need a “Plan C”
  • How it should change our perspective on the Red Sea as a geopolitical hotzone to know that ships are being sunk and people are losing their lives
  • Why we may all be about to get the call to stand up and serve as Sourcing Heroes


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