Seeing Opportunity Through an Executive Lens with Jeff Davis

By Kelly Barner | February 22, 2023

Everyone wants to know what the CEO is thinking. What keeps CEOs up at night? How do they hear the messages being shared with them by different functional leaders and the market at large? This all varies by CEO and is likely to be influenced by their functional background experience, general outlook on macro conditions, and relationships with other C-level leaders.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Jeff Davis. Jeff is the Owner of Bridgestone Holdings, a real estate and property management company with a focus on multifamily apartments – 2,000 doors and counting! Jeff also has experience in global supply chain management, inflation-related disruptions, and changes in consumer demand.


In this conversation, Jeff helps us think through how CEOs see the world and why it is so important for supply chain leaders.

He considers:

  • Some of the unique ways that supply chain professionals approach business challenges and decisions
  • How that compares to (or contrasts with) how other C-Level executives view the world
  • Whether most CEOs are ‘glass is half full,’ ‘glass is half empty,’ or somewhere in between – and what happens when the CEO is wrong???


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