Getting to Your Destination Safely and Securely with Lyft

By Amy Massey | April 21, 2020

One of the greatest challenges we frequently hear about from our members is regarding business travel management. While that can be a very broad category, it all comes down to getting you (and your people) to your destination safely and securely – whether it’s visiting a client in another state, transporting people to and from a special event, or making a daily commute to work and back home again.

Since our members are our number one priority, we’ve found an all-inclusive solution by forming a partnership with Lyft.

Lyft has core values that match

Una’s core values are based on nurturing relationships, taking care of our community and being transparent and accountable. As Managing Partner of Una, Anthony Clervi says, “We want to work with suppliers that think strategically and believe in finding what we like to call the ‘fair zone’ when it comes to terms, service and writing a contract. It’s also important for them to want to serve and explore new markets, be creative and flexible, and they must fit our values because it has to be a win for both sides.” He has proven this philosophy to be effective time after time.

“At Una we are different, and we demand that from our suppliers and members alike. To truly make a supplier partnership work and exceed our member expectations, Una and the suppliers must be aligned; there must be a level of candor and no-nonsense.”

Clervi is also quick to point out that cultural compatibility is an absolute must when choosing a supplier: “Culture is everything. It’s just like your mom always said to you as a kid, treat others how you want to be treated. In the end, you may have a contract but what matters most is the relationship.” Cultivating a strong relationship requires trust, transparency, and loyalty.

Una members benefit, too

Fortunately, Lyft’s culture aligns with ours, which translates to a partnership that is beneficial to Una members in a number of ways.

Collaboration and communication

Lyft collaborates to tailor transportation solutions that fit within each company’s unique needs and budgetary requirements. They communicate regularly, providing accountability metrics and data – a critical asset to help companies better track and budget for transportation services. 

Safety is always first

Lyft is dedicated to making safety the number one priority for riders and drivers which means education is paramount. Every driver is required to complete a safety education program in collaboration with RAINN to prevent unsafe or inappropriate behavior. Drivers must first a pass criminal background check and DMV record check to ensure they maintain a clean driving record and valid driver’s license. Both are continuously monitored.

The app has a built-in 911 button. This feature enables both drivers and riders to easily access current location and vehicle information to relay to emergency dispatchers. You can share your trip info (location and route) with a trusted source so they know where you are when you’re driving or riding with Lyft. They can even follow along in real-time.

Technology is key

Lyft continues to innovate. Soon, they will have the technology to predict when someone needs help. For instance, if the ride stops too soon or for an unusually long time, someone will contact you to find out if you need assistance and follow through appropriately. Their support team is always available by phone, email and even through their Critical Response Line in case you need to reach someone immediately and there are set Community Guidelines that every driver and rider must agree to uphold by penalty of deactivation. And Lyft, like Una, is committed to keeping your private information private, so when you call or text through the Lyft app your contact details will not be visible to the driver or other passengers.

Commitment to community

Through the introduction of the LyftUp program, they’re putting a special focus on providing free rides to those who need them most including individuals in vulnerable communities.

“The future of transportation is exciting, and we feel a deep responsibility to help make transportation accessible to all.”  – John Zimmer, Lyft co-founder and President

The LyftUp program gives people access to groceries, rides to job interviews, voting polls and more. The program was further expanded amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to assist first responders and healthcare workers as well.

Una can help with your indirect spend

Our members trust Una to deal with non-strategic or indirect spend because they don’t have the time. It’s our job to ask the questions, listen, take action and deliver on the right relationship. It’s on us to make the right connections and bring the best suppliers to the table to meet the needs of our members.

What can Una’s supplier relationships do for you that you can’t achieve on your own? How about:

  • Better terms
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customized programs
  • Data and reporting
  • A service-driven, stellar customer experience

We can deliver on all of this because we start with the member first and reverse engineer it from there, keeping in mind that our supplier partners are part of our “Unaverse” too. We believe that no one party is more important at the negotiation table or when it comes down to the actual delivery and fulfillment of products or services.

At Una, we recognize that choosing the best solutions for your team is a serious responsibility, and we’re proud to have partners like Lyft – a rideshare company that cares as deeply as we do.

Connect with our sourcing advisors today. We’ll help you weigh your options and find the right travel solutions that fit your business, along with other services and products you need.


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