Episode 79: User-Centric MRO Spend Management with Mike Franz

By Kelly Barner | August 24, 2022

B2C consumer experience expectations have been bleeding into the commercial sphere for a long time, but with the disruption of the last two years, that trend seems to be accelerating.

Not only are manufacturing companies looking to improve the experience they offer distributed buyers of MRO supplies, procurement is more aware of the experience expectations as well. 

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Mike Franz, Founder and CEO of ManufacturingPower.com. As a manufacturing “triple threat,” Mike is now using his broad experience to transform the way small to medium sized manufacturers address their MRO spend by acknowledging changes in consumer expectations.


In this conversation, Mike talks about how buyer experiences are changing and how procurement can keep up without compromising on their “must achieve” objectives:

  • How the B2C eCommerce experience is changing expectations of corporate procurement 
  • How companies can accommodate talent and bandwidth shortages by better leveraging procurement processes and systems
  • The steps procurement can take to avoid having to choose between data quality and organization and an improved user experience


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