Episode 35: Listening to the Voice of the Supplier with Sam Singer and Jay Anderson

By Kelly Barner | October 13, 2021

Procurement may talk about wanting to be a “customer of choice” or talk about creating an improved supplier experience, but do our actions back up those words? We’ll never know if we don’t ask representatives of our most trusted supply partners what they think about our processes – AND listen carefully to their answers.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner is joined by two members of the Rapid Packaging team. Rapid Packaging is a supply-side member of the Una community and one of the premier providers of end-of-line packaging systems, supplies, technical services, and automated solutions.

Sam Singer is their SVP Sales and Marketing and Jay Anderson is the Vice President of Sales.


In this conversation, Sam and Jay provide a supply-side perspective on questions such as:

  • How often – and how well – their procurement points of contact make use of their extensive category and product knowledge
  • What types of sustainability opportunities exist in the end-of-line packaging category
  • What types of talent and skills development sales teams are making that may or may not align with the soft skills investments being made by procurement


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