Episode 68: Will Supply Chain Challenges Make This a Reese’s-Free Halloween? with Greg White

By Kelly Barner | June 8, 2022

Although everyone and their brother considers themselves a supply chain expert for being able to find toilet paper over the last two years, career supply chain professionals know that the complexity of today’s supply chains is far beyond most people’s perception.

So when a news item comes out that questions the availability of Hershey’s products – Reese’s in particular – we know it makes sense to take notice, listen, and learn. 

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Greg White. Greg has decades’ worth of supply chain experience, operationally as well as from an investment perspective.

You’ve likely seen and heard him on Supply Chain Now’s livestreams and webinars, and he never pulls a punch. In fact, to use his own words, Greg has “unfinished business” with the supply chain.


In this conversation, Greg reviews recent news coverage based on Hershey’s warning that Reese’s products may be in short supply this Halloween and gives us transferable lessons we can act on today:

  • The many ways in which labor shortages are making other systemic supply chain issues harder to recover from
  • The ‘slack’ that exists in all supply chains, and how the corresponding efficiency levels and profit margins are distributed
  • Why we should all be suspicious of people who are new to the ‘supply chain party,’ even if they are enthusiastic and seem to have ‘disruptive’ ideas


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