Episode 56: Collaborating with IT to Support the Business with Barry Rogers

By Kelly Barner | March 16, 2022

For procurement, the effort to win over the business is a continual effort – one that is unlikely to ever be complete. And now that eCommerce and app-based home technologies have been broadly embraced, every distributed buyer in the enterprise thinks of themselves as an expert in IT and procurement. Is it possible for procurement to suggest otherwise without complicating those relationships?

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Barry Rogers. Barry is the Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement at New Relic, Inc., and his experience with IT procurement runs deep.

He has worked for tech companies and around technology spend and suppliers for years – developing a valuable point of view.


In this conversation, Barry talks about how the business perceives procurement through the lens of their personal consumer experiences:

  • The expectation/alignment challenges created between procurement and the business because technology is so ‘easy’ to buy
  • How risk and compliance with data regulations enter into his work in the IT category
  • Ways in which procurement can partner with the business to improve the results of their planning process 


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