Successful Companies Need Strong Communities with Erica McMannes

By Kelly Barner | January 10, 2024

Supporting decisions about which suppliers to work with is one of procurement’s most critical responsibilities. But, like so many other business decisions, the ‘Why’ matters, both to the supplier being chosen and to the potential for value creation associated with that partnership.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Erica McMannes. Erica is an entrepreneur who has deep experience working to support the military community by working in the private sector as well as for the Department of Defense. In her current role as Chief People and Community Officer at Instant Teams, she connects companies with military spouses that have the talent they need.


In this conversation, Erica talks about being a ‘people person’ in a people business and creating value in and through her community:

  • What she thinks about the value and the process of getting certified as a woman-owned and a military spouse-owned business
  • How being a Chief People and Community Officer affects the way she has built and managed her team
  • How a combination of creativity and communication has helped her achieve remote team leadership and absorb the impact of flexible working arrangements


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