Change is as hard as it is inevitable. Even the most exciting new project can quickly go from “This is fantastic!” to “What on earth were we thinking!” when unexpected questions arise. How those moments are managed, and the tone that is kept in place through the process, ultimately determine the potential for value and success for everyone involved.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Toni Ann Careccio. Toni is the Chief Customer Officer at PortPro, a company that provides transportation management software for drayage carriers - they move freight from an ocean port to its destination.


In this interview, Toni applies her experience onboarding customers to procurement’s constant need to successfully onboard suppliers:

  • Why tech providers with an operational background in transportation have an advantage over newcomers to the space
  • Thoughts related to the ongoing debate about which is better: a best-of-breed ecosystem or an end-to-end platform
  • How a positive onboarding experience can form the foundation for a long, valuable partnership


Toni Ann Careccio on LinkedIn