Making the Impossible Possible in Global Sourcing with Chris Volz

By Kelly Barner | October 11, 2023

Global supply chains reach the furthest corners of the earth, bringing back valuable, well-made goods and putting us in touch with people we may never meet. Some of the challenges of this are logistical like time zone differences and travel delays. Others are more cultural, and tie into the most core issues of relationship building: culture, communication, and trust.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Chris Volz, a Client Success Manager at China Performance Group. Chris has over two decades worth of experience in different verticals. He prides himself on his empathy, attention to detail, and innovative ideas… traits we could all use in greater concentration!


In this interview, Chris shares his experience and perspective on how businesses from different parts of the world and in countries with very different cultures can come together for mutual gain:

  • What he suggests companies focus on when sourcing internationally
  • How procurement teams can invest in communication and then build on that to establish long term trust-based relationships
  • The importance of recognizing the ‘win-win people’ in every situation


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