Shipping Case Study

How this digital healthcare and manufacturing company is working with Una to save six-figures on shipping costs.


The Una member featured in this story is a medical equipment manufacturing company focused on redefining digital healthcare. They have graciously allowed us to highlight the success they’ve seen with Una since joining earlier this year while remaining anonymous to respect the doctors and patients they serve.

As a medical equipment manufacturer, this valued member ships and receives millions of dollars worth of packages every year. Their product, a medical device built to detect and diagnose irregular heartbeats, is used by doctors, clinics, and patients around the country.

Having reliable shipping providers is a must as the health of their patients depends on getting testing done right and results returned to their doctors quickly.

With significant shipping costs adding up and limited procurement resources at their disposal, this member needed help establishing a relationship with a trusted shipping partner, as well as securing discounted pricing on various shipping rates.

Read on to learn more about their success with Una’s group purchasing platform.


This medical manufacturing company is dedicated to redefining digital healthcare and improving the lives of patients around the country.



Medical Equipment / Digital Healthcare

At the heart of the matter

Cardiac arrhythmias affect approximately 5% of the U.S. population and heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. If left undiagnosed, arrhythmias can lead to heart damage and other organ failure, and an increased risk of stroke, dementia, and cardiac arrest. Symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia may include dizzy spells, shortness of breath or faintness, sweating, chest pain, anxiety, and weakness.

To complicate matters, individuals may be experiencing arrhythmias without these common symptoms, making a diagnosis difficult to obtain.

Knowing this, our member was determined to develop an ambulatory monitoring device that could accelerate the standard of patient care. Their monitor successfully records every single heartbeat while worn, pulls the data into a system that can identify irregular rhythms, and provides doctors with a clear report that helps determine the best course of treatment, quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to their services and commitment to bettering the healthcare industry, hospital systems around the U.S. have been able to improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and improve profitability.


This company has an important mission: to revolutionize the way healthcare is managed and give more people access to the necessary care they need to remain healthy.

While they continue to move towards bringing their vision to life, the company was also experiencing the impact of the current economic conditions. It’s no secret that businesses and consumers alike are seeing drastic price hikes when it comes to shipping and freight costs. Increased fuel costs and ongoing inflation are also affecting everyone’s bottom line.

Shipping is a key component to this member’s business operations, as they continuously send medical devices out to doctor offices and patient homes. They also foot the bill when it comes to the return shipping costs incurred when a patient has completed the monitoring process and sends the device back to be analyzed.

With limited procurement resources at their disposal, however, business leaders were having trouble securing favorable shipping pricing on their own and feeling the pressure to deliver cost savings quickly.

After some initial research, this member decided that bringing in a group purchasing organization was the resource they needed to support the company’s mission.

Why partner with Una?

When it comes to securing discounted shipping rates, companies have few options. National carriers and purchasing platforms may offer programs for businesses looking to save on postage and shipping, but they are not without caveats. Oftentimes, discounted rates are based on order sizes and shipping volume.

Even with millions of dollars in shipping spend, our member ran into roadblocks when it came to locking in favorable pricing, navigating relationships with suppliers, and budgeting for fluctuations in surcharges.

Having worked with a GPO in the past, this member was familiar with the concept of group purchasing. They understood the purchasing power and value a GPO partner could bring to the table.

After an initial discovery call, the Una team conducted a compelling spend analysis to highlight the savings opportunities available with our discount shipping programs. The information was compared across several shipping providers to ensure the best value was found for the organization.

Thanks to the strength of Una’s established supplier relationships and pre-negotiated contracts, this member is now saving over $650,000 a year in shipping costs.

"[We] really enjoy working with Carrie Dunavant and Cindy Rittel. [They're] very easy to work with and provided good options [and true savings]."

Shipping Cost Analysis

Curious as to what a cost analysis from Una looks like? Here’s a sample from the Una member featured in this shipping case study.

While it’s true not every company will have millions of dollars in shipping spend, that doesn’t mean there aren’t savings to be found.

In fact, our contracts tend to save small to medium sized companies, who have at least $10,000 in annual shipping expenses, up to 20% on domestic and international services.

shipping cost analysis

Una's process

Una’s mission is work alongside our members to increase their organization’s profitability. We accomplish this by following the same process for each category.

Here’s how we helped the member featured in this shipping case study achieve 23% savings:

Discovery Call
The first step to savings is a discovery call with a Sourcing Advisor. This where you can ask questions, define what success looks like, and set a timeline for the connection process.

Cost Analysis
We refer to this step as Una’s time to shine and where we can show real value. Your real spend data is sent directly to our supplier base to compare costs and identify savings.

Supplier Connection
Next, we work quickly to get you connected so you can start saving as a GPO member right away.

member journey

We pride ourselves on our “speed to savings” mentality, and build relationships based on trust and transparency. The process is seamless, and better yet, repeatable for nearly every category of spend.

For this member, shipping was their biggest headache and they needed immediate relief – they were able to start saving money within a month of getting connected to their contract.

Our relationship continues to evolve, as well. We’ve explored other spend categories and are finding additional savings opportunities to improve their bottom line.

While the Una team works to uncover potential savings and value, our member can stay focused on what matters most – the doctors and patients they serve. 

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