How Una Supports Value Creation for Business Leaders

Learn how Una can help turn your sourcing function into a hub for value creation for business leaders and procurement professionals alike.

By Hugo Britt | January 23, 2024


Ready to ditch the old-school procurement playbook and dive into the exciting world of value creation? Well, you’re in for a treat because Una has just released our latest resource: The Procurement Value Creation Playbook: Boosting Business Growth With the Help of a GPO. 

Una is your ultimate wingman in this game-changing journey to the pot of gold – only this gold isn’t just about cutting costs; it’s about creating value that sends your organization soaring to new heights.

Value creation for business leaders

Below, we’ve summarized how Una can help turn your procurement function into a value creation powerhouse. Spoiler alert: It involves shaking off those old-school procurement cobwebs and embracing a whole new level of strategic thinking.

Procurement has moved beyond old-school perceptions and into a whole new level of strategic thinking. Una helps procurement become the epicenter of value creation for business leaders.

The power of group purchasing

Let’s kick things off with the bottom line – savings. When you join forces with a GPO like Una, you’re not just dipping your toes; you’re diving headfirst into a pool of collective buying power. The result? Average savings ranging from a whopping 18% to 22% across various categories.

Now, imagine what those savings could mean for your business. It’s not just about trimming the fat; it’s about having extra fuel for growth. Those dollars saved become the ammunition to supercharge your business’s growth engine, enabling you to invest where it matters most.

Whether it’s expanding operations, launching new initiatives, or enhancing existing processes, the possibilities are as vast as the savings themselves.

A treasure trove of pre-negotiated contracts

Picture this – you have access to over 2,000 pre-negotiated contracts offering deep discounts with top suppliers. Una, with its extensive network, opens the door to a new level of procurement where the heavy lifting of negotiation has already been done for you.

Think about the time and effort saved. Every minute spent on the day-to-day grind of negotiations is a minute lost from the bigger picture – your procurement value-creation journey. With pre-negotiated contracts, you’re not just saving money; you’re reclaiming time. Time that can be devoted to strategic thinking, planning, and steering your organization towards innovative procurement practices that create lasting value.

The unmatched security of price protection

Having a stable anchor is priceless in a sea of market fluctuations. GPOs offer just that with contracts providing an unmatched degree of price protection. Locking in prices for several years at a time, GPOs like Una act as a financial shield, protecting your organization from price volatility.

Think of it as a financial strategy that goes beyond immediate gains. It’s about fortifying your budget against future uncertainties, giving you the confidence to plan for the long term. That’s value that extends far beyond immediate cost-cutting measures, offering a sense of financial security that is, in itself, a strategic advantage.

The value of stable supplier relationships

When you’re part of a GPO, you’re not just a client; you’re part of a network. This network provides stability by establishing long-term, stable relationships with reliable suppliers. 

Think of it as a risk mitigation strategy. In a world where supply chain disruptions can be a make-or-break scenario, having stable supplier relationships ensures continuity, reliability, and a smoother operational flow. It’s not just about cutting costs; it’s about securing the foundation upon which your business stands.

Group purchasing organizations like Una aren't just about saving a few bucks here and there. They are the catalysts for a procurement value revolution.

Your procurement A-Team

Imagine having a dedicated team of procurement experts on call. GPOs like Una offer exactly that with sourcing advisors who act as an extension of your procurement team. Our experts bring another layer of valuable expertise when it comes to all things procurement and spend management.

Consider the value this expertise brings. It’s not just about accessing knowledge; it’s about leveraging it strategically. Sourcing advisors become your partners in navigating the intricate landscape of procurement, offering insights, recommendations, and a proactive approach to managing spend effectively. It’s like having an A-team in your corner, ready to tackle procurement challenges and drive value creation.

Ready to join the value creation revolution?

Group purchasing organizations like Una aren’t just about saving a few bucks here and there. They are the catalysts for a procurement value revolution. From volume savings and pre-negotiated contracts to price protection, stable supplier relationships, and expert sourcing advisors – the value they bring is multi-faceted, strategic, and geared towards not just cost savings, but creating a resilient and growth-centric foundation for your organization. 

So, if you’re ready to transform your procurement strategy and propel your business towards a new era of value creation, it’s time to join Una’s GPO revolution.

Download our latest guide –  The Procurement Value Creation Playbook: Boosting Business Growth With the Help of a GPO – and let the value creation journey begin!

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