5 Procurement Influencers to Follow in 2024

Una’s social media experts have trawled the blogosphere and the metaverse to uncover the top procurement influencers to follow this year.

By Hugo Britt | January 11, 2024


Is your LinkedIn feed looking a bit ho-hum? Does your X (formerly Twitter) experience fail to inspire? Does it feel like ages since you’ve read some great procurement thought-leadership (besides the Una blog, of course)?

Never fear. Una’s social media experts have trawled the internet, the blogosphere, and the metaverse to uncover the top procurement influencers to follow in 2024.

Sarah Scudder

With a “mission to make supply chain sexy and cool,” Sarah Scudder brings a truckload of much-needed energy to procurement and supply. Her boundless enthusiasm, coupled with solid knowledge and experience, make Sarah’s very non-boring LinkedIn feed worth a follow. A prolific podcaster, Sarah was actually featured in Una’s very  first episode of The Sourcing Hero in 2020.

Fun facts: According to her bio, Sarah “is great at loading the dishwasher but can’t keep potted plants alive”. She’s also a massive fan of Bradley Cooper.

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Naseem Malik

Naseem Malik is a well-known thought leader in procurement and supply, where he works in the talent recruitment sphere. He regularly posts about work trends, technology, jobs, hiring, and leadership, and always has an interesting take on the latest news and industry research.

Naseem is the editor of The Supply Times – a newsletter for procurement and supply professionals covering industry highlights, the future of work, AI news, and much more. He was also featured on The Sourcing Hero a few years back.

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Bertrand Maltaverne

Self-described “procurement digitalist” Bertrand Maltaverne has long been on the leading edge of procurement technology. Based in Austria, Bertrand is the person to follow to understand AI in procurement, chatbots, spend analytics, and emerging software solutions in the space.

If Bertrand is speaking at a conference near you, be sure to attend his session.

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Jean-Louis Tourneux (Haie)

If you’re looking to follow an expert on sustainable and responsible sourcing, look no further than Jean-Louis Tourneux. Headquartered in Paris, Jean-Louis was heavily involved in the development of ISO 20400 and was advocating for sustainable procurement many years before it went mainstream.

Why follow a French person? Because France is way ahead of the rest of the world in terms of their sustainability regulations, including a circular economy law, the elimination of single-use plastics, and making it illegal to throw away unsold goods. Jean-Louis works at the forefront of this movement. 

Oh, and FYI: Jean-Louis usually posts on LinkedIn in French, but hey, that’s what Google Translate is for!

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Kelly Barner

Kelly Barner appears regularly at the top of procurement influencer lists because she is, without doubt, the best storyteller in the profession. Kelly is the Co-founder of The Art of Procurement, Co-founder and MD of Buyers Meeting Point, and the excellent host of Una’s very own podcast, The Sourcing Hero.

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