3 GPO Services that Save More than Money

By Mackenzie Oakley | September 21, 2021

GPO services save group purchasing organization members money on the everyday costs associated with running a business. This can include the costs of small package shipping, office supplies, food distribution, hotel discounts and more. While some GPOs stop at savings, Una goes the extra mile to make procurement easier for our members.

In fact, while the main service offering of a group purchasing organization is to combine the purchasing needs of hundreds of companies to deliver the lowest prices possible, GPOs add far more value to your business than saved cash.  GPOs work to save you time and effort as well.

Partnering with a GPO like Una means your company is saving hours of time that would have been spent on certain procurement processes. By offering these three services highlighted below (in addition to many others!), we can help you create a more efficient purchasing strategy, develop better spend management tactics, and improve your bottom line.

Cost Comparison Analysis

Researching and analyzing the costs from every supplier for every service or product your business needs is time consuming and overwhelming. This rings especially true when you’re running a lean procurement function or simply don’t have the resources available to fully vet the suppliers at hand and negotiate every contract.

Group purchasing organizations are equipped to handle those specific procurement tasks. We sort through data to analyze the different price points and leverage the purchasing power of our members to negotiate the best possible contract terms, thus maximizing your savings potential.

When the time comes to run a cost comparison analysis, Una’s team of Sourcing Advisors takes your real spend data and submits it to the supplier in question to compare your costs to our pre-negotiated pricing. After the report is generated, you can see the true savings potential on paper.

Una offers this analysis for free throughout our extensive list of suppliers, saving you money and time in the process.

Procurement Partnership

Supplier contracts need close monitoring and invoices need to be double checked, which means your company’s hours are spent managing existing partnerships.

GPOs work as an extension of your company’s internal procurement department. When partnering with a GPO, you’re granted immediate access to additional resources for efficient sourcing and contract management, giving you back those hours.

We offer this partnership at Una as an existing member of an established network of suppliers, providing you not only with a lower cost of goods but the highest quality connections.

Supply Chain Management

The ongoing management of supply chain activities can be costly, both in time and money for your company. GPOs can help standardize and streamline the purchasing process. We help manage all aspects of purchasing, thus freeing your internal resources to focus on other value-adding initiatives and long-term strategies.

Bringing in a GPO to may not make sense for every single category, but for a company’s nonstrategic spend or tail spend, utilizing a GPO to help manage suppliers is a smart move.

While the world deals with the fallout from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruption and shortages are being felt across the board. Partnering with a GPO gives companies other viable sourcing options when facing these types of supply shortages. Because Una already has contracts in place, you’re able to work through our diverse contract portfolio and get connected to suppliers quickly, hopefully eliminating any additional stress to your supply chain.

Other GPO Services

We know saving money is crucial. On average, Una members see a 22% savings on things like office supplies, travel, MRO, and more. Beyond the savings, though, is where you’ll find real value. Una offers custom member programs, data and analytics, help with category management, personalized procurement consulting, free membership, and more.

Our goal is to provide you with the support and tools you need to source smarter, save time and effort, and help your organization become more profitable.

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