The Complete Package for End-of-Line Automation

We partner with Rapid Packaging, a nation-wide distributor of packing supplies, to offer our membership innovative packaging solutions that save time, money and effort. 

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Rapid Packaging is dedicated to offering products and solutions of the highest quality at the lowest price possible, giving our members the best of both worlds.  With over 18,000 products ready to ship same-day and nation-wide distribution, Rapid Packaging serves businesses of all sizes with ease.

The best part — Una members are guaranteed to save at least 10% on their packaging needs!

What makes them different than other packaging distributors is their sense of urgency, making your priorities their own.  They’ve built and maintained strong, long-lasting relationships over the course of 30 years because of one simple, guiding principle — treat customers the way they want to be treated.

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The difference is in the details:

  • End of line automation products including the equipment and the packaging materials in and out of the box
  • The customer service teams go the extra mile for the right solutions for customers
  • Easy to do business with – from simple automation to full-line automation with practical applications to show customers in the marketplace
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Download this packaging guide
to learn:

  • What products Rapid Packaging can offer your business
  • The difference between water-activated tape (WAT) and pressure-sensitive tape
  • The value of package automation for a growing business

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