Episode 39: Rethinking the Supply Chain Talent Model with Jeffrey Ostrander

By Kelly Barner | November 10, 2021

Working in procurement and supply chain – regardless of industry – continues to be more and more challenging. In most cases, it is our relationships that make the difference, whether we are looking at our supply partners or other functions in the company.

If we can combine the power of quiet, impactful leadership with the right combination of coaching and opportunities for professionals early in their career, not only will everyone be more successful in the short term, but the future will be very bright as well.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner is joined by Jeffrey Ostrander. Jeff is currently the head of Supply Chain Transactions in the Western Hemisphere for Schlumberger.

Prior to that, he led North American Strategy for diesel and lubricant supply chain operations at Con-way, now part of XPO Logistics, and was the Director of Fuel Procurement for Consolidated Freightways.


In this conversation, Jeff provides us with a window into how he approaches C-level interactions and talent development within his organization:

  • The source of the disconnect between supply chain and the current occupants of the C-suite, and how we can go about fixing it
  • Why offering young professionals and opportunity to experience the view from ‘the front seat’ can take their careers from ordinary to extraordinary
  • His four ‘mantras’ for learning to succeed through the upturns and downturns of an always unpredictable fuel supply chain


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