Don't Get Fired with Mark Grieco

By Kelly Barner | March 6, 2024

“Victory is about meaningful connections.” – Mark Grieco

Procurement professionals constantly find themselves in a tough spot, multiple cost and non-cost based objectives to hit, stakeholders to appease, suppliers to wrangle with, and that is just the beginning. They’re also finding ways to do all of the above in a work environment where we have less in-person access to their colleagues.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Mark Grieco. Mark has a very unique background: he is a procurement attorney and educator, accustomed to being in the trenches with the procurement team. In that capacity, he has had the opportunity to observe a number of development opportunities – associated with contracts and otherwise.


In this interview, Mark shares what he has learned while training, mentoring, and working side by side with procurement teams for years:

  • How procurement should handle situations where they have all of the responsibility and none of the decision making authority
  • How the working from home / flexible work trend has hindered personal and working relationships
  • Why everyone needs to find joy – and feel pride – in the work they do every day


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