Delivering Exceptional Value Through Business Relationships with Heather Fotch

By Kelly Barner | April 5, 2023

When someone asks you to define ‘trust,’ what comes to mind? Words like safety, confidence, and dependability are likely to rise in your thoughts. Trust in business is based on the same empathetic human principles as it is in our personal lives, and yet building close relationships in a professional capacity remains a challenge for many people in different functional roles.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Heather Fotch, also known as The Toner Queen. As the Founder and CEO at Quality Imaging Solutions, you may know Heather for providing a concierge approach to indirect spend reduction and cost avoidance on printer toner cartridge supplies, consumables, and hardware… or you may simply recognize her well-crafted professional brand.

Either way, Heather stands out.


In this interview, Heather discusses what she has learned about getting stakeholder buy-in from her years of experience working with procurement in a sales role:

  • The challenges that procurement and sales professionals (surprisingly) have in common
  • How to build close working relationships without sacrificing authenticity or being overly aggressive
  • What a solution-oriented collaborative approach looks like
  • Whether ‘exceptional civility’ is an approach that procurement professionals should learn more about


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