What You Don’t Know About Shipping Can Hurt You with Nick DiNatale

By Kelly Barner | February 7, 2024

What could possibly be even more complicated than tax accounting? Managing your detailed shipping costs – and the carrier logic that drives them. Details change every year, and the high level information released to the media rarely reflects the nuanced information that appears on shipping invoices.

In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner welcomes Nick DiNatale. In addition to being an accountant by training, Nick is the Founder and CEO of ShipPlug, a platform that leverages his extensive supply chain experience to streamline shipping costs and simplify related business processes.


In this interview, Nick talks about the many things shippers may not know that may be costing them in multiple ways:

  • Barriers preventing companies from effectively forecasting their shipping needs and costs
  • What shippers often don’t know about late shipments, surcharges, and labor intensity
  • How a poor shipping experience could be costing your company margin – and customers


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