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If you’re purchasing products and services for a business, you can receive exclusive corporate discounts by joining a group purchasing organization (GPO). You can save up to 45% on office supplies, shipping, travel, food services, and more.

But Una offers more than savings; we provide personalized consulting, education, and purchasing resources to help you optimize your spend.

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Purchasing Resources for Your Business

You can compare the top GPOs and you’ll find that Una stands out because we are a true partner to our members. We offer more than just business discounts. Our group purchasing services include personalized consulting, free resources, education, and more, all geared toward creating value and benefits for our members.

Why Una is the Nation's #1 Purchasing Group

Una is the largest GPO in the US, serving more businesses with over $100 billion in buying power. With over 40 years of experience and a heart to serve our members, Una stands out in the GPO industry.

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